how much is a hinged lid salad box

Definitely competition is becoming increasingly more in every industry, therefore manufacturers and suppliers of custom made packaging boxes are also, becoming more active than ever. Using packaging styles which are more convenient to hold and attract users as well, is a strategy of owners of food chains and even smaller food corners, and hinged lid salad box is one of them love by customers and therefore people selling out these salads, prefer getting these boxes. If you are already using these boxes and looking for something more exciting go through different types and sizes of these boxes.

Here are some of the most sizes prefer by uses.

Hinged lid salad 750

If you are looking for stylish and innovative salad boxes, check out this one, as it looks outstanding among other salad boxes. Salad box dimensions are just ideal to be adjusting in any place and can be easily carried upon by the user. It is available in different packs and you can order it for your food corner online as well.

250cc rectangular salad box

For the food corners, who are actually looking for salad boxes in rectangular shape rather than circle one, they can go for this one as it is user friendly than above mentioned salad boxes.

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